Where are my custom POI's?


When I download a .csv file to my Nuvi 200, POI Loader indicates that the poi's were successfully installed. However, when I try to retrieve them from the Nuvi I get the following message, "No Matches Found". I don't have a problem with .gpx files. What am I missing? This seems so trivial.


Custom POI are in a

Custom POI are under a different menu then the integared POIs. Click "Where to?" -->"My Locations"-->"Custom POIs"

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Where are the POI's

In the Nuvi 650 it's
Where to > Extras > Custom POIs

Nuvi 350

Where > My Locations > Custom POI

I thought that the 650 would be the same, all nuvis would be the same and all C5xx would be the same, guess I am wrong again. I will make sure that doesn't happen again!!!! LOL.

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