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Windmill news

Thanks... that is good to know!


Is there a glosaary of all the icons and what they mean?

Oone week and counting!


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Icons & descriptions

Big thanks for the link.


Or you can hover your mouse pointer over the icons to see what they mean.

I like to update my POI

I like to update my POI collection and to see what else is out there. Trying to expand my horizons and areas of interest is all.

“It’s their world. We’re just living in it.”

IT's a great place to be and

IT's a great place to be and to learn. It's not about what all they will give you, it's about what you can give back.

Thanks for the tip!

That is nice!

I've posted this site on

I've posted this site on several other sites I visit.
Very cool info. Took a while to get the hang of it, but it's coming along.

remaining active

powerlinked wrote:

Just trying to be active again, So I needed to post.

I was very sick in February of this year and was not able to use a computer. Finally, back to health and now I have to begin activating my status again. Looking forward to seeing the new posts about GPS issues.

You mean like?

When is the 2018 XXX update due?

Senior Persuasion

photomatt wrote:

Agreed, but like a lot of forums, folks have a limited attention span, and dont always go back and look at the old posts. So if its not in their first page of reading, they just ask again. Not that theres anything wrong with that (guilty!) but it leads to some repetition. I see it on a lot of the boards that I'm a part of, I guess its just human nature smile

Some of us of the Senior Persuasion might just forget. LOL

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