City Navigator North America NT v8 Deluxe Unlock?


What exactly is this program for? Why would anyone need it if their GPS Unit already seems to have this info stored on the unit? THe manual for my SP c330 says the maps are protected from over writing and can not be accidentally deleted so if they can not be accidentally deleted why would one need to get this software?

I don't understand the Free Update thing. It says on Garmin's Webpage

If you purchased a locked MapSource product ON or AFTER the release date of an update, you are entitled to an unlock on the newer version of that product for free.

My unit has City Navigator North America NT v8 on it and I was sent an unlock code when I registered my SP c330 hardware and I don't have any kind of software that came on a DVD or CD all I have is the Drivers CD that came with my unit.

If I order this City Navigator North America NT v8 Deluxe Unlock will I be able to unlock it for free or do I have to pay to unlock it?

Thanks Dallas

I assume Garmin will tell us what to do with the CD


If your unit has v8 maps already, then I assume you would not have any need for the update. My i5 (bought in June) has v7 maps. I'm quite eager to update, since the area in which I live is rapidly developing and many residential streets are not in the v7 maps. I'm hoping the v8 maps will be much more up-to-date. I know that some streets 7 or 8 years old are not in the v7 maps.

I don't know how one would load the maps into the i5. I assume that information will be provided with the CD. If it's not, I'll be on the phone to Garmin.

In answer to your question, as I understand it, if you qualified for the free update, you will not have to pay to unlock the CD.

So, I would think that anyone who bought a unit containing (or supplied with) v7 maps - after the "release data" of April 8, 2006, might be interested in the update - and certainly as it is free, there is no reason to delay to request it.

... I'm editing... add that just because something can't be accidentally deleted doesn't mean it can't be intentionally deleted. I'm guessing that they wrote that in the manual to mitigate any fear that some users might have about possibly making a mistake and deleting the maps. It's only a guess...

I'm awaiting the new maps with eager anticipation. I'll keep y'all posted.



I am a newbie with a Garmin c340 (about one month) and ordered the City Navigator North America NT v8 CD (same software that is preloaded in my Garmin) which was sent out free of charge. The software unlocks with your Unlock code provided with your Garmin unit and will reload the maps to your Garmin if the internal software ever craps out on you. The software once loaded on your PC also opens with MapSource and nRoute and is handy for pre-planning a route or simply looking up locations in other cities etc. I'm still learning and there is much more that can be done with it so my suggestion would be to order the CD and set it up.... your code will work.
Hope this helps.

Garmin c340


Lee & Mamie
I got my new 7500 today, and have been trying to get something to work all day. I finally gave up and had a beer. I have the DVD I put in the unlock code, and everything they said to do. Well when it came time to load the maps in the Garmin, it said to open the Garmin driver. I had no icon that they were showing.
I finally deleted everything that said Garmin. Even 1 that said some other programs might not work if I do that.
I am not worried about that with XP I can just have the PC renew itself to this morning and have overturing back. All this should have been loaded just like your PC is when you buy it. You have to go to windows update to check, but everything is already there. This is very upsetting to me, I expected more for my $$$$$.

Lee & Mamie

Isn't software frustrating!

Hi Lee,

I've been a programmer for more than 25 years - and spent every working day at the computer - and still, I often find some frustrating software. Have you tried calling their tech support? Some companies have great tech support. Garmin isn't M-soft. Give them a chance.

I suspect you have to load the drivers first (from a CD supplied with your GPS unit), possibly while the GPS is connected to the computer via a USB cable.

Then maybe reboot once (it doesn't take all day really).

I have found that the little garmin icon only appears sometimes - when I've had the GPS connected and fiddled around with some stuff. Sorry, I can't be specific - I only saw the icon once, actually - yesterday as it happens. While you wanted it, I didn't - so I right-clicked, clicked "exit" and it went away.

Don't give up.


SP 7500 maps preloaded?

From what I've seen on the Garmin web site, I was under the impression that maps are pre-loaded on the StreetPilot 7500.

Are you installing an update or additional map types?


North America NT v8 is an

North America NT v8 is an update not an add on. If you want to see what the updated maps look like in your area check out this link.
Click on Map Viewer near top right corner of page.