Warning/Agree screen at boot up of SPC330


Hi all... I just got a C330 for Christmas and love it. But I was wondering if there was a way to bypass the opening "I AGREE" screen? Thanks for any help....

no. this is a pya for

no. this is a pya for garmin.

re: Warning/Agree screen at boot up of SPC330


You are stuck with it. In today's sue happy society, the legal departments across the country have sent them to bracketing product liability.

Jazzy D!

"Agree or Die" screen self-destructs...

... if you have patience. At least it does on my c320 after a few seconds. That makes sense. It displays at a moment the driver is busy. Demanding the driver interrupt the pre-flight routine might hold its own potential liability.

I'm an engineer. I like certainty. I'd have been a terrible lawyer. Or a worse accountant. Can you imagine scientists debating the Generally Accepted Value of Pi? smile

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