Why is that ..??? (gpx files, etc.)


I’m interested in the topic "" Solution to make the "dialing" icon appear in gpx files...""
And the replay from the traveler .. so I downloaded “ McCormick & Schmick's Seafood Restaurant.gpx “ file posted by the traveler to see how he edit his files.. soo I got the following problems ..
1- tried to convert the file to .csv format using GPXtoPOI program .. but couldn’t converted .
2- open the file using mapsource then save it to csv format .. done ok ..but with out showing the comments .. shows only the lat/lon and the name.
3- uploaded the original file and the converted (.csv) to my garmin 7500 ..find that its showing the title but couldn’t find any point under that title.

any idea why is this happing ..???

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Forgot to tell you that

Forgot to tell you that my device has the maps of US preloaded .. and the maps of middle east loaded on SD card .. and I’m in middle east right now… not sure if this has any thing to do with not showing the poi under the title “ McCormick & Schmick's Seafood Restaurant” .

But I don’t thing it should be problem because my device shows poi in Europe even when I’m in middle east.

“McCormick & Schmick's Seafood Restaurant”

Here we go; I just downloaded “McCormick & Schmick's Seafood Restaurant” imported the gpx file to my preloaded map Garmin C330 unit. All looks good here. Found the info under Custom POI's, clicked on the a few of the waypoints and checked the map. Looks good to me. Getting hungry now smile.

What happens when you import the file as a gpx? Have you checked?

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Deja vu

abady wrote:

Forgot to tell you .. and I’m in middle east right now…

Is it the same problem as in this post i.e. you're too far away. I'm not sure what the limit is (or why there is one), but it seems to stop displaying POI's at 5000+ miles. Try using Simulation Mode and setting location nearer (assuming SP7500 can do that).


2- open the file using mapsource then save it to csv format ..

Which version of Mapsource can write csv files?

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Hornbyp wrote:

Which version of Mapsource can write csv files?

Mapsource can save a tab delimited text file that could easily be turned into a CSV file...

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