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I've downloaded some UK POI files from another site. I've tried installing them using POI loader (latest) and they appear in the folder I created "Europe". The titles, ie. "UK - Museums" are listed, but when I tap on the POI, I get the message, NO MATCHES FOUND. I've tried moving them into the root directory on the SD luck. I've even tired converting them to GPX and still I get the same message.

I have no problems viewing the files in either Excel or GPX Editor.

I have a Nuvi 360 and I don't have the European maps, but I don't think that should really make a difference. The points should still be there, right?

Any help would be gratly appreciated. Maybe I'm missing something.


What file format are the original files?

When you say that you tried moving them to the root directory of the SD card, what exactly do you mean? Are you saying that you selected that as the destination when running POI Loader or that you physically moved the GPI file after you used POI Loader to load them to the unit?

What is the directory structure you have your POI file in on you computer? You need to be sure that don't have more than one level of subdirectories under your main folder?

When you run POI Loader, does it indicate that you have loaded xxxxx number of Custom POIs? Does this number match the number you expect to be loaded.

Counterforce wrote: ...

Counterforce wrote:

... when I tap on the POI, I get the message, NO MATCHES FOUND.

I've seen this before, when the distance between your current location and the POI is 'a long way' i.e. 5000~6000 miles.

Try manually setting location somewhere closer (in the UK) and see if they appear. (On the 360 you'll probably have to use the Browse Map, Set Loc. function to do this)

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Answers for MM

The original files I downloaded were CSV and 1 GPX. My POI's are on structured as follows:

All Canadian in the root folder on the computer,
Europe folder,
US folder.

What I meant by root directory was that I moved the UK POI's (without folder) to where my Canadian POI's reside because I know they work.

I get no errors using POI Loader and I let it do it's thing on "Express" not Manual. It places them in the default location. I have no problems accessing US or Canadian POI's just the European ones.

The number appears to have gone up by what I expect. I guess I could try one more thing and just load European POI's only to make sure.

Thanks for your help.


And try Phil's suggestion as well, although on my Zumo, I can see Custom POI's that are thousands of miles away if they are the 50 closest in that category. But other units may respond differently.

Phil, your a genius.

Thanks for the help, your suggestion worked. I didn't think that would matter, but it does.


Phil, your a genius

I'll second that on several levels!

Counterforce wrote:

Thanks for the help, your suggestion worked. I didn't think that would matter, but it does.


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