Pittsburgh, PA project


Anyone interested in teaming up to work on a Pittsburgh, PA project. I've found a not-really-useful natural landmarks POI elsewhere, but otherwise, haven't seen anything Pittsburgh based.

I'll be honest... I'm new enough that I'm not sure what sort of stuff to recommend, but if we want to create a list, I'll be willing to look things up and csv-ify them (or maybe even gpx).

Some ideas (although tell me if they are redundant because they already exist in the preloaded locations...)

pizza places
bars with good beer (sharp edge, fat heads)
good local BBQ (granted, it's pittsburgh, but still...)

As a local amateur boxing official, at some point I will probably create locations for local boxing shows, but I'm not sure that's really in high demand.

So... anyone have any thoughts or ideas?


I'm not from Pittsburgh but I'd be interested in anything about that side of PA. I'm from New York and 5th Ave runs north & south while 42nd street goes east and west. Because of the hills in Pittsburgh few street conform to a grid. Get lost in West View and you could be lost forever.

My kids live in Pittsburgh and I spend some time in the area. I've already put together a POI file of restaurants that interest me like Primanti's and Quaker Steak. I'll donate what I have but it's not much.

I will get you guys set up

I will get you guys set up with a Pittsburgh PA Metro area later this week:)

Miss Poi

Good Idea

I would be very interested in a Pittsburgh area file I am in the process of relocating to Pittsburgh - I think mom and pop good food would be a big help for example Drews on rt 30 has mainly Italian but has a fish sandwich that will feed two also i think things to do on weekends like festivals and one tank trips would also be nice I will be glad to help let me know what you need


I have added you to the project, you can access the database from this link here;) Let me know if you have any questions.


Miss Poi

Funny you should mention

Funny you should mention Drews. I've heard good things about it, but I can't get past the fact that it's a recycled Denny's looking building. And I used to drive by that several times a week on the way to boxing.

I could make an amateur boxing show POI list, but somehow I don't think anyone would care smile

Liquor Stores

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board has a web site where you can find out what is currently on sale. You can also search for specific products.


The search results tell you what store has stock and how many units. Maybe POIs for the Allegheny County liquor stores would be useful to those wanting something special, that is not in their local PLCB store.

P.S. The Sewickley store currently has 8 units of George T. Stagg bourbon.

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I'm a Pittsburgh native.

I'm a Pittsburgh native. Actually a Sewickley native. Sign me up. LOL.
Did someone say George T. Stagg bourbon?

Seriously, we have some very cool local restaurants (many are dives) and places that you won't see anywhere else. I'm a newbie here, having just purchased my first GPS, but since I'm an IT geek, I think I can figure it out.

downtown pittsburgh

is the stanley theatre still standing ???

my drinking team has a racing problem ...( garmin c330..delorme earthmate LT20 )

It occurs to me that the

It occurs to me that the location of malls and garden suppliy stores, including nurseries, might be desired for Pittsburgh.

Living in Squirrel Hill

Count me in. I know the area but never created a POI, but it looks like its only a CSV and I just need to walk to the door and get the coordinates.


Rails to trails parking lots

It would be great to have a list of all the rails to trails parking locations in and around pittsburgh.