COW Nominations for the week of Sept 10th 2007


You know what to do;)

Miss Poi


Keith - kch50428

Maybe it's time to make a COY (year)... was discussed a bit ago. Motorcycle Mama gets my vote. It seems silly to keep giving her the weekly ones. All that putting up and taking down of cyber trophies. Just give it to her to keep.


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Motorcycle Mama is my Vote

Keith needs to give us a review on his Nuvi 750.

Frank (Nuvi 2497LMT, 2455LMT, 765LMT,680,StreetPilot 2720)


I'll post something once I get it...does not even ship for another month or so...

And bak276 - I've been honored once, honorably mentioned once (I think that may have been for comic relief).... - thanks for noticing me... smile

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I second kch50428

Just a plethora of information, infact I've had to buy a new dictionary after reading some of his comments.... what was the last one...oh yeah,

"In the interest of decorum, I'll have no further comments"


I've noticed a new member of only 3+weeks, none the less jumping into the forums and offering advice and trying to help and not just offering a "bandaid"

Those are my suggestions.

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Hi, I appreciate seeing my


I appreciate seeing my there, thank you. I'm just trying to help the new guys and others with what I know how and the tools you have here. I still have much to learn.
This place is a gold mine of information. Is there a set time for being with the forum to be able to vote?

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