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Hi all.I was talking to our friends about GPS and our forum here.They would like to get a GPS with off road maps in it.They ride off road buggies a lot.
Any GPS models in mind or suggestions? Thanks

I won't guarantee this but...

...I expect there's no such thing as off road maps, at least for a GPS. Off-roading is basically defined as going where there are no roads. Hence the improbability of fulfilling your request.

You might make use of topo maps, some of which have a smattering of trails in parks etc. Whether they're identified as suitable for ATV's I don't know. The topo I have on mine certainly doesn't offer that info.

I think you're better off finding where you can go in your local area from talking to people (ATV dealers and like-minded friends would be obvious choices), and using a GPS to bomb around the places without getting lost. Something that is sealed against water and ideally dust would be strongly recommended. i.e. A car based GPS would not be a good idea, unless you carried it in a waterproof/dustproof bag.


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Many people find that a GPSr that can make use of topographical maps can be valuable for off-road adventures. Garmin's On the Trail section covers units that should meet your needs for off-roading.

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Magellan has Some:

Magellan has Some:

One flexible feature of a mapping GPS is that you can download trails. The are sites where you can download them.


Thanks guys for the info.
My friends husband was out of town,his wife was not sure,she thought the GPS that some of their friends use for off road are Garmins.When her husband comes back I'll ask him.