TakItWithMe upload Google Map and Google Earth to GPS units


Howdy gang,

I'm new user on the block and really appreciate the assistance that the community has provided.

I'd like to share TakitWithMe that I just found about from Virgil Zetterlind, the developer of the free GPX File Upload | Google Earth KML Converter | MyMaps Converter conversion program.

The interactivity between GPS units with Google Maps and Google Earth is amazing. Enjoy

Helpful links:

TakItWithMe http://www.takitwithme.com/

Garmin device support matrix http://developer.garmin.com/web-device/garmin-communicator-p...

Nuvi 350 <<<<VesselTrax.com>>>> vessel tracking on Google Maps and Google Earth>>>>>>>>

Very Interesting.

TomTom users can find a similar, free, but for Google Earth integration tool at http://www.janboersma.nl/gett/index.php

Thanks for sharing!