how do i change the arrow icon on my gps


Where do i go to change the arrow icon that was factory installed, I would like it to be a car or motorcycle or firetruck


RE: How do I change the arrow icon on my GPS

Which GPS do you have?

Nuvi 360, OS X Lion 10.7


garmin 2720


In the settings menu

go to Settings>Map>Vehicle and choose what you would like.

At least that is where it is located on the Nuvis ... you did not mention what GPSr you have!

You maybe able to download more vehicle options with WebUpdater.

I have the garmin 2720 stree

I have the garmin 2720 stree pilot i went to settings than maps but there was no vehicle to choose from..


check owner's manual under 'customizing ...'

good luck!


The 2720 does not support custom vehicle icons. Sorry.

For those that can

Here's a link to garmin's custom vehicle download page

Custom Vehicles

........Garmin StreetPilot c550 / Nüvi 765...........