why Garmin's customer service number has been busy the whole day?


i have been trying to contact the customer service in regards to my free upgrade since i purchased my unit on August 7, but every time i have tried it shows busy signals. Does anybody have the same issue?

lovin Garmin


What number are you calling?

I have been trying to call

I have been trying to call since 3:30pm. I finally got my call through at 6pm EST. So far I've been on the line waiting to speak to a person for 39 minutes. I waited 45 minutes last week and their phones terminated my call

It's been that way for over

It's been that way for over a week. I've been trying to get another problem fixed and every call is like 40 minutes of waiting...

After about 45 minutes I got

After about 45 minutes I got a guy on the phone and he said he needs to transfer me to another department. They are going to make me wait ANOTHER 45 minutes.

Victims of their own success?

In the July 2007 issue of Reader's Digest, there was a humorous article about one man's adventure with a GPSr ( http://www.rd.com/content/andy-simmons-one-dads-gps-saga/ ) In the print version, there was an associated article about the technical merits of the new wave of GPSr units.

GPSr use has hit mainstream America.