Parking POIs in city POI files?


I sure am glad this site exists. I am about to deliver my daughter to Boston for her first year of college, 32 years after I graduated and departed Boston. I relied on the MBTA during my student days. While I certainly recall that the T took me everywhere, this time around I will be driving Boston streets, and I am less than totally confident about doing that. Nowadays I have a C550 to assist me.

Today, at home in VA, I am struggling to figure out where to "pahk the cah" (obviously not Havahd Yahd) after doing the unload thing at my daughter's dorm in Boston.

May I suggest that inclusion of parking facilities in city POI files might be very helpful? For anyone driving through an unfamiliar city, parking is a critical resource. Fortunately changes of such info are somewhat glacial in pace.

Forgive me if this is already a feature of the city POI files. This is my first day on your site. I read only a bullet list of Boston POI file contents. That list did not include parking facilities.

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I like that idea;) anyone

I like that idea;) anyone want to take this on as a project?

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You may have already done this...

We ran into a similar issue when taking our daughter to college in R.I.
We called the college and asked for their recommendations for parking after unloading and moving her in. Boston is tougher than R.I..

When we visit Boston, we follow Commercial St. towards the North End and park in one of the several parking lots along the wharf area, they have all day parking.

I'm not sure where you need to park, but here are a few links with maps to Boston parking facilities:

Yes...Haaaavaaad Sq. Parking is here too! LOL

As you well know, Boston is a great place for colleges and college kids.
Good luck with everything.

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Boston parking

Cheryl, thanks for the tip. We did park in one of those multi-level garages, the one by the Aquarium, because we wanted to visit the Aquarium.

Part of the context is that my wife is temporarily disabled, having had both knees replaced in mid-summer. By next May, we will be delighted to ride the T to anywhere in Boston, standing up if necessary, at least when not transporting desktop computers etc for our college student. For now, we had to rely on the van.

We had an interesting problem when we tried to visit the Prudential Center. The west-most parking entrance on Huntington Ave. looks to be 20+ ft high, and we had a luggage carrier on the van so the height advantage was critical. Inside, after passing the loading dock, we found that our van could not clear the next entrance. We went back the next day, after removing the luggage carrier. By the way, the carrier would not fit in the Aquarium lot either.

I can imagine searching for parking via the Web, but not one of the sites I have seen so far specifies height restrictions. I cannot imagine visiting each entrance of each lot in Boston, or Washington DC where I live, to research that issue. This is an example of a limit to what POI sources can achieve in a practical sense.