Simulating Routes Using Custom POIs


I'm new to the forum, a little over a week, but have gathered much information about POIs, mostly custom POIs. Many thanks to all the informed posters!!!!

I've done a search to see if this topic has been posted before, but could not find anything. If it has been discussed, just point me to the right topic.

We are planning a trip to Italy and I have been using Google Earth to identify sight seeing locations and have been uploading them to my Garmin nuvi 370. Part of the trip involves a stay at a villa in Tuscany. I have located the villa, again on Google earth and have loaded the location and several way points into the GPS. I would like to simulate a driving route between two of these custom POIs. Any idea if this is even possible to do on the nuvi 370?

Also, will be walking through Rome and Florence. Have installed many custom POIs for interesting sights. I know you can load and set proximity alerts. (I've done this using test redlight files.) The proximity distance seems to be set on a file by file basis. I would like to have different proximity alert distance for different sights. For example 30 ft for the Arch of Titus but 500 ft for the Pantheon. Is there any method to tag the contents of a .csv file with a different proximity alert distance for each location in a way similar for speed alerts?

I know this is a lot, but thanks in advance.


Joe - nuvi 370

- Enter your first

- Enter your first destination, Go.
- Menu, Where To, Near, Destination, OK
- Next, Browser Map, Set Location
- Enter second destination, Go.

I'm not sure about the nuvi 370

but I have the 650 and I use these steps to activate any "test" sequences I want to try. ( and save petrol too )

"Main Screen" -> "wrench icon" -> "System" -> "Simulator" -> select "on"

This will take the GPS out of the equation and "drive" you through any of your trips. It's great for testing proximity alerts too.


Different Menu system

The 370 does not have the "simulator" option in the "System" menu option.


Joe - nuvi 370

Not doing what I expected

wellcum, when I do step one "Enter your first destination,Go", the unit runs out of memory. (Menu,Where to, Address, change country,......) I change the country to Italy, enter the city, Chiusi, dummy up a street and address and hit "Go". Checking the map before I hit "Go" verify that the location is correct. I think the problem is that it is trying to plot a route from my home in Plano, TX to Chiusi, Italy over the Atlantic ocean. Hmmmm ! Did I understand step one correctly?


Joe - nuvi 370

Sorry, I assume you are an

Sorry, I assume you are an European.

Just replace step one with browse map to Europe, click anywhere on the continent and set location, then step 2 ...


Thanks, wellcum! I'm at work, will try tonight.


Joe - nuvi 370

I have a nuvi 360. I usually

I have a nuvi 360. I usually press where to -> near -> a different city and I specify the city. After that I scroll down the icons and press Browse Map. It should show the city and press Set Loc. At this point your car is at the new city location and you can simulate the route. By the way, you have to have the antenna down to simulate.

Have fun in Italy, I am from tuscany.



I was able to use the "set location" function, as suggested by wellcum, by browzing to Italy, find the starting city and then setting the location. From there it went smoothly, but it did take awhile to zoom out, . . . ..

Using the "near" function, then selection display map, and then setting the location got me to where I wanted to be faster. Thanks, Giacomo.

Where in Tuscany? A group of us mainlanders from Texas rented a villa just outside of Castelnuovo della'abate. We will be there for one week after we spend 5 days in Rome. From the villa should be able to get to Assisi, Siena and Florence. Since your are from the area, any "hidden" treasures (POI's) that you could recommend, something the average "tourist" would not be likely to find?

Ciao, (I am second generation half Italian)

Joe - nuvi 370