What exactly are waypoints?


I have just started learning about my new Nuvi 350.

On the PIO page of this site it says:
"POI files may also be converted to waypoints and used with virtually any GPS that can receive data from a computer."

What is a waypoint?



waypoints vs custom POI

Waypoints are very similar to POI (points of interest). They both identify a particular location. They just have different features / capabilities.

On most GPS models, waypoints (aka Favorite Locations) can be created on the GPS to remember your current location. The number of waypoints is often limited to 500 locations (varies by GPS model).

Custom POIs are usually created on your PC and transferred to the GPS via USB or memory card. Many older GPS models support waypoints but not custom POIs. GPS models that support both waypoints and custom POIs can usually store a lot more POIs (several thousand POIs vs a few hundred waypoints).

Nuvi 350 can use either, but there are differences in functionality. AFAIK, Nuvi will show icons on your navigation map for Waypoints but not custom POIs. Waypoints also let you save a phone number that can be auto-dialed.


A waypoint generally is

A waypoint generally is referred to as a marker on a route that has only minimal data related to it (i.e. lat, long, and name/icon). They are very similar to POI's in that a POI could also be considered a waypoint. In most GPS units a POI can contain much more data than a waypoint. Some GPS units really only have waypoints, but call them POI's, so it's very confusing.

If you take a Garmin eTrex Legend, for example, and you want to map a path say through the woods, you would sit down with a map and mark out a series of waypoints "along your way" to guide you on your journey.

POI's on the otherhand would be considered just what they are, Points Of Interest, and may not be directly related to your route but somewhere near or along your route.

So a waypoint is used for guidance, and a POI is an "FYI".

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waypoints vs custom POI

Ok Thanks! I installed a POI file with parks and it worked.

I don't see anything in the manual about creating waypoints? I looked in the waypoint folder on the Nuvi and it was empty?

How do I create waypoints.
I am able to store addresses in favorites. Mom's house, my house, Von's Market.

Still a bit confused.



I too have favorites stored, but do not even have a folder called Waypoints. What am I missing. i too have a Nuvi 350. I tinkered around a little and found that there is a file called current.gpx which has all the Favorites stored in that file.


On the Nuvi series favorites are waypoints.

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