COW Nominations for the week of August 20th 2007


Here we are at another beautiful Saturday morning;) For those of you that are new and have just found our site let me explain what this post is about.

Ever week the community nominates the member that they feel has made a great contribution to the site over the last 7 days.

We call it the Contributor of the week award (COW for short)

The people that Miss POI (that would be me:)) pick get to have a nice trophy show up in all of the posts that they make for the next week. Usually there are at least 2 that win because it is so hard to choose when there are so many wonderful people here that do so much for the community.

Awards are handed out every Monday. Have fun:)

At some point I plan on making a page that highlights the past recipients.

Miss Poi

New POI user

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OK, I'll accept

Jeez, miss poi, the response to this week's COW has been deafening (as in silence). So, I guess I'll just have to put my name in for this week's award. I could justify it by mentioning that I contacted Dr. Kao early on Friday after we discovered the problem with the Garmin c340 software update, and by day's end it was fixed. Or I could mention the thread I started about Garmin's great customer and technical support, which made a lot of foks in Garmin's tech support feel good about the job they do. But I think the winning entry was my smelly car interior post in the "A fun new poi factory file..." topic. I still haven't figured out how to assign latitude and longitude to a moving vehicle. Maybe we should just leave the dog at home and not worry about it! Oh, and finally, I'm the only one who's come forth so far!

So there's my pitch. Can't wait to get the little badge next to my name! (ROTFL)

Garmin 765T...Is it about the destination, or is it about the journey?

See ......

jkaplan wrote:

Can't wait to get the little badge next to my name! (ROTFL)

See the first post, last sentence of the 5th paragraph of this thread:


"Internet: As Yogi Berra would say, "Don't believe 90% of what you read, and verify the other half."