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Well, looks like I may be going to China in a few weeks. I know my Nuvi doesn't speak Mandarin, but does anyone know if I can get maps of Beijing?

garmins site has a list of

garmins site has a list of allmaps you can get for their units

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China Trip

With China being a major place for knock-off products, chances are, they already have clone Garmin GPSs. if they do, they may have local maping software as well, that may just work in your unit. When I was there about 5 years ago, you could pick up DVDs for a buck a piece without bartering. They were pretty good too. They even had films that hadn't been released yet in the States. Maybe you can pick up a map for a few bucks.

It will be interesting to learn if they have Garmin clones there. Have fun.


Thanks all

Cool, I will have to keep an eye out for those DVDs.

As for the AllMaps, I didn't see anything on Garmins Website, because of the way it's laid out. If you go there and enter your product, then select "shop for accessories", you are presented with a search. But if you don't know what accessories they have, you don't know what to search for! Not a very good commercial site if you ask me.


Off topic... I went to

Off topic...

I went to Beijing 2 years ago and I remember I used google Earth to see a little of the city with it. Last week, I have re-used Google Earth to check the places I have been in Beijing and the satellite image appeared to be much better and there is a lot of photos posted by people that are accessible within google earth.

Might worth givin it a try, if not already done

Bon Voyage,


Not Much @ Garmin

jk, I'm also going to HongKong and Beijing, I finally got into the maps that Garmin offers of China. They only have the major cities, and road ways (Routes). It's nothing detailed like we have here of the cities with street names. Anyway, that's all I could find. There may be better.
I'm going to take my 660 with me, and maybe hope for a "Knock-Off" map of some kind. They haven't quite opened up over there with information on maps like here, so it may be hard to find, if any at all.

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Driving in China

Getting the maps will only tempt you to drive in China. I've been there many times and don't recommend it. However it would be nice if the map identifies local landmarks.

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No Driving

Bud, there won't be any driving for me, I don't have Rickshaw lic. smile All I want do do is to know my general location or landmarks of places to see and how to get there. Also to know where I am located. driving.

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China Beer

If you're a beer drinker, try the Budweiser in any major city in China (aren't they all major). It's produced in Wuhan but made to U.S. standards in a Bud-owned plant. This messaage was brought to you by an employee of Anheuser-Busch!! Enjoy the trip and avoid breathing the air whenever possible.

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RE: Driving in China

Budbtl wrote:

Getting the maps will only tempt you to drive in China. I've been there many times and don't recommend it.

Budbtl has it right. There are 3 different speed limits on the main highways, one for trucks, one for busses and one for cars. Also, there seems to be little regard for which side of the road is to be driven/bicycled on, especially on long stretches between major towns. A portable GPs would be a real boon in large cities though, but some, like Shanghai are changing so fast, streets that were there last month aren't there anymore and vice versa.

Your best bet may be to use coordinates to find your way back to your hotel. Even so, the Chinese people are, for the most part, extremely friendly and helpful and the younger ones will most always speak English and will jump at the chance to point you in the right direction.


map for asia

yeah i was looking for maps for china and also for taiwan but it is hard

i know that has their own taiwan version of it
but i dont know if the map overthere will work with north american units

because of the chinese.
on the other post, i was able to find voice files for mandarin(non TTS), it work on my 650 northamerica unit.
it can tell you in chinese, turn left or right and numbers of km
but it cant tell you the streets names

i am stll looking for anyone might be able to combine chinese voice file with english (TTS)


I am heading for Beijing in August. Were you able to get any maps or language converters when you were there?

I'm new at this and don't know where to look.



I won't recommand bring back

I won't recommand bring back those illegally copied DVD from China. I hurt horry story that the US Custom will fine heavy pentaly if the find out you carry them back.



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The server crashed the other day. It should be back up tomorrow.