Hello all


new to the site, just wanted to say hi and introduce meself smile Just got my TomTom go 700 for Christmas and wanted to find a decently active community where they know about GPS stuff and so here I am, hope to stick around for a while smile

Hey Kingpin and all- I just

Hey Kingpin and all-

I just joined to and am very new to this and the technology that goes with. This forum seems to be a wealth of information. Lookin forward to talking to learning much here


I am new as well. Got a Garmin C530 and have no idea how to find the POI's that I am looking for as well as loading them up.


Garmin models have a lot of built-in POIs. You can browse them by looking under your "Where to?" menu.

If you'd like to add other locations, you can find a lot of POI files here at POI Factory by looking in the "POI Files" section (first menu option along the top).

To load custom POIs into a Garmin, you'll need to use POI Loader (from Garmin's web site).

Here's a link to a page that describes the process:




Is there anyway of setting alerts for the POI's that are already on the Garmin C530???

Just received the Garmin 360

Just received the Garmin 360 as a Christmas gift and also learning how to use the POI.