poi in general


I have downloaded a lot of information from each state and have the following question being new to what the nuvi can do. Will the nuvi identify all poi's in a certain area not with standing where they originate from? For example, I will have poi's that come with the nuvi; poi's that I downloaded as custom poi's and poi's that will be downloaded to a SD. It seems like the software engineers would keep the device self intuitive and predict that one would want to see all poi's in a certain area without having to go to "where to" then "extras" or to "food and lodging".


The built in POIs and the Custom POIs are stored in completely separate and different files on the GPS unit. When you perform a search, you will have to search one or the other. There is no way at present to search both at the same time.

ahhh yes

And therein lies the beauty of the "Custom Poi"

There is no way that the "built in" poi data will ever be current. Take Starbucks as an example, The list is current and published today, and 10 more open day after tomorrow. Thereby making the list obsolete.

Realistically, it would be nice for searches to include any custom poi either internal or SD card.

Surely, that could be something possible in the future with a programming fix.

Maybe Garmin is listening.

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