"Next Generation" of satellites


Saw this of interest:

Companies Line Up to Bid on New GPS
Thursday August 9, 4:33 pm ET
Contractors Line Up to Bid on Defense Department's Next-Generation Navigation System

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Defense contractors have lined up to bid on the U.S. Air Force's multibillion-dollar upgrade plan for the Global Positioning System, a satellite network widely used by civilian and military users.

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Sounds Good

But here we go again we probably will have to buy a new and different type GPS knowing the industry just like pc's you upgrade to a new operating system now your printer and scanner is no good you have to go by a new model that will work with that system

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Maybe not

It could be like last time, consumers were restricted to access to GPS by dumming down the system for national security.

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Document when you read the article...

you'll probably be entitled to a free unit upgrade wink

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What me worry?

I was relieved to see that Lockheed Martin was a prime bidder for this new contract. They've been in the GPS business a long time.
On another note, I'm not too worried about any major changes in the GPS designs because most if not all cellular providers use GPS in every one of their cell-sites. I'd estimate that there are 10s of thousands of sites all over the world that need GPS for timing and for some of the E911 systems for mobile phones.
If GPS changes, there would be a LOT of infrastructure to modify ( i.e. $$$$ )

maybe a borg implant in

maybe a borg implant in every puny brain ^_^

Next Gen - I'm ready

By the time this is up and running and available to me, I'll be ready for my next generation GPS or probably the one after that. Anyway, there are also new features that help and if in 5 years or 10 years there are important improvements - then I'm all for it and hoping they hurry up.

I'd like one that was more interactive - answers to my voice commands and can answer questions ask of it. I'm really hoping for more of an AI approach to routing - something that can "think" like me - then I won't have to spend time planning important trips at all.

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The government is constantly updating the satellites, and recently two new WAAS "birds" were launched and others taken down.

The upgrade will not affect the GPS the civilians are using, and will still continue to send a time signal down allowing the GPS unit to triangulate the position.

The new birds will allow more accurate location of defense systems and will come into some play in the civilian life as surveying equipment begins to be more GPS friendly.

You will also be seeing a more relaxed attitude toward GPS by the FAA and Coast Guard, where the GPS systems must still be backed up by hard copy of marine mapping.

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Fascinating... I can't wait

I can't wait to see the next gen systems, and expect another huge hole in my wallet within the next 2 years.