Quirk with Updating to City Navigator North America NT v 2008


I got my update disk on Friday and eagerly started on updating my Nuvi 360. I placed the DVD in the computer and all was proceeding automatically without much input from me.

While waiting for my computer to do it's thing, I decided to do some work on the computer (Big mistake). To make a long story short, my other work crashed and this forced me to re-boot my machine during the update.

I clicked on the newly installed "MapInstall" icon on my desktop and then selected the entire map set ( all of North America). I was then told that I don't have enough space to install the update, even though I have close to 600MB free. It said I needed 995MB and only had 890MB.

I decided to try the DVD "autorun" again (taking it out of the drive and putting it back in). It started automatically and the updates installed completely without any errors (all of North America). I don't understand when you do it manually, there isn't enough space, but when you let it run automatically, it works just fine.