numi135lmt upgraged to drivesmart 55


Finally upgraded my Garmin to Drivesmart 55.
Looking to catch up.
Curious o others experiences smile

First week with drivesmart 55

What a difference from the 1350lmt.

Boot time very quick.
Screen looks great.
Locks into Sat's, fast.
Traffic Cam's! Notifications ect..

I noted my old redlight file did work but the light is long gone.

Why did I wait this long.

More updates coming.

Lane selection

Once on route the lane selection is much clearer than 1350lmt. It now shows on map on the actual road.
Prior was a symbol in the upper corner.

use the Drive App

I really like the Drivesmart 55. So much so I bought a 2nd one for $40 off e-bay to replace my Nuvi 57 that I use on my motorcycle. The screen is much higher resolution and the touch sensitivity is better.

Use the Drive App for traffic, it works really well. It also makes it very easy to search for and load a route.

Drive app

Yes the drive app is great feature. Today on Route Garmin alerted me right away there was trouble. It happened to be in the opposite lane but all the same I was able to check the cameras right away and see what was going on. I was pretty impressed by the instantaneous alert and traffic cameras.