Are You Getting Offers to Buy Your Property?


I own some rural undeveloped acreage, and I'm constantly getting purchase offers. I get 2 or 3 per month, always from a different company. They always offer cash, but only a quarter to a third the assessed value. I questioned one caller who simply hung up abruptly when I said I wasn't interested.

My niece is a real estate agent for Century 21, and I had her answer a couple of these requests. In both cases, the people she spoke to were actually angry that a real estate company was involved!

So far, all these offers seem to be legitimate and not a scam. They appear to be shady companies looking to take advantage of people who need cash and don't know the value of their property.

This has been going on for over a year now. Is anyone else getting these offers?


I get mail adds all the time and commercials on tv. but not too many phone calls yet. Sell my home no matter what condition and no appraisal and can live in it after selling it, but for how much.

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I do get calls from companies or people that I’m not familiar with (as identified on phone display). But I don’t answer and they don’t leave a message so how many could be real estate related is an unknown. Any number is blocked after about three repeat calls.

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Are You Getting Offers to Buy Your Property?

bdhsfz6 wrote:

...Is anyone else getting these offers?

Not just lately, but we have in the past.

My wife and I own a 5 acre hobby far. It is developed and we do live here. There is a 100 acre tree farm next too us and a farm with more acreage east of us. All around is is developing very quickly. A neighbor that bought a horse from me last year has a 20 acre farm. He has beef cattle. The new development across the street from him has $800,000 homes, which is a lot for this area, and a herd of cattle across the street!

We know that at some point we will sell and move. I don't want to be the last remaining farm in the area surrounding by cookie cutter house.

There is actually a place like this in Apple Valley Minnesota. They kept 2 acres, including a house and barn, and are now surrounding by suburban houses. It looks so out of place now!


but I've never considered them legit. If zillow says my house is xyz, I assume they shave 40% off and that's their offer lol

It's not like metro Phila is a mecca of real estate development. A beautiful dream house goes up here (5000 sq ft., 3 car garage, blah blah blah), and it's like 1.3 to 1.6 mil. That can't even buy a 1920's house with window air conditioners in Boston and a detached garage haha

imho cheap houses is a dual edged sword. On the one hand, cheap housing plays into a lower cost of living. We pay our homes off at a normal age, i.e. late 40's early 50's.

on the other hand, I was thinking if everyone moves upon retirement, we may have less equity.

But it did dawn on me, even though people boast their homes are 1 mil for a 1200 sq ft house in Boston or even more in CA, they had to make huge monthlies all along and it's not that unusual to be 70 and still paying a mortgage. It takes me a very long time to see the big picture and at this point I'm unable to make too many changes and can only do that hindsight is 20/20 deal.

An Irritant

Probably one or two times a week I receive phone calls about buying my property. It has become an irritant and I always hang up without a reply to the caller once they identify the reason for the phone call. The call never gets to the point of an offer.

about 3 a week

my wife answers the phone with sure for 1 million and they hang up lol we have been here for about 50 years and paid $26.500 for it and dont plan on moving !

One just this week

Coincidental. Just a few days ago I got a cold call asking if I was interested in selling my house. I didn't think much about it until this thread appeared and I agree that the caller is a scumbag looking to pay next to nothing to people who see it as a unexpected way to come into some unplanned money.


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Junk Mail

I have received several junk mail offers, but thankfully no phone calls... Yet!

Junk mail only, no phone

Junk mail only, no phone calls but my filters most likely would block them.

Me Too

My experience is the same as yours.

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I have not received any such calls about my own property, but about half a dozen times in the last year or two and have received calls intended for my daughter who owns a house in another state. The conversations are very short but they go something like the caller declaring their interest in buying the property and my saying that she is not available.

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I have gotten mailers in the mail…

…offering to buy my house but they go straight to the trash can. I got so tired of answering the phone and messing with dingbats that I finally bought a phone that will block unknown numbers. My calls went from 10-12 a day to maybe one making it through the system every 2-3 months. Well worth the money that I paid for it.

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both mail and phone call

bot both mails and phone calls
the trick is, they will try to get as much as information from you, personal and property-wise before you hear their offers.
and you will know their offer is low ball, unless I hear otherwise.

Yes, my wife owns a couple

Yes, my wife owns a couple pieces of farm property and has received a number of letters. The offers range from $6000. to $40,000. A conversion to a development would probably net 2-4x that.

A barrage of Calls

We bought a house in Oklahoma City, for our nephew to live in, for cash, a few years and then came a barrage of calls wanting to know if we would sell. I visited with several of them and they said I showed up on a cash buyer list, which usually means investor rather than home owner. Then later we got letters with specific amount offers that were in line with the actual value.

They probably buy lead lists from a company that combs the title and sale records. After we deeded the house to my nephew, the calls stopped.


Home phone

We still have a "home" phone and get several calls per month on that line. Jonathan likes to engage by demanding $2 million (up from $1 million last year, inflation!).
If I'm the only one home I just pick up the phone when it rings, but don't say hello. Their system hangs up the call when there isn't a voice greeting.



We probably get two mail requests a week to 'we want to buy your house', but no phone calls as we don't answer unless we know who's calling.


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An Interesting Article

Here's an interesting article on the subject:


all the time. we have a lot of real estate companies in my neighborhood and they are always looking for new properties

I just don’t answer calls

I just don’t answer calls that I don’t recognize the
phone no or unknown callers.

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I used to

Say.. just a second, I'll let you talk with my financial advisor

Then I'd hand the phone to my 2 year old son who just loved to babble on the phone

Most didn't call back

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this topic, how many people are in a position to sell their primary home?

Long ago I had coworkers in WA who said their values tripled in 15 years, however, if they sold, they'd be facing the same high prices to buy a new home. We don't have this problem in Phila as values don't go up lol

No Choice

johnnatash4 wrote:

this topic, how many people are in a position to sell their primary home?

Long ago I had coworkers in WA who said their values tripled in 15 years, however, if they sold, they'd be facing the same high prices to buy a new home. We don't have this problem in Phila as values don't go up lol

Sadly, there are many who, due to age or for health reasons, can no longer maintain their primary home. Depending on location, it may be possible to "trade down" to something smaller for the same, or even a little less $$.