Satellite Phone Networks Can Democratize Global Communication


Is anybody else here looking forward to being able to connect their cell phone to a satellite?

Depends on Cost

Something that isn't mentioned in the article is that Satellite communications are more easily jammed and hacked than terrestrial systems. It could become a wartime security risk.

Right now, for $17/mo., I subscribe to a satellite based (Iridium) texting service with worldwide coverage. I use it as a backup to my smartphone for emergencies.

I might be interested if the price is right.

I think

I’ll pass.

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Owning a “dumb” flip phone

…the advance in technology doesn’t get me excited. My flip phone costs me $6/month with unlimited texts and calls. I get about a dozen texts a month and I can’t remember the last time I got or made a call. I like the peace and quiet….

I also don’t hold up the guy behind me at the traffic light. When it turns green, I go because I’m not looking at some screen on a phone!

John from PA

won't be fast--will be "out there"

A little like residential Starlink, the wonder of direct-to-cell Starlink will be having a lifeline in the outback, far from any towers. Your cell antenna is small compared to standard Starlink antennas, so simply physics says the available bandwidth will be smallish.

Think yelling for help somewhere out in the wilds, not streaming Game of Thrones in your living room.

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Satellite Phone Networks Can Democratize Global Communication

My wife and I are in two different ATV clubs. We get to some very remote areas. Last year, during one of the rides, a UTV lost control and rolled over. We were able to get a 911 call in to the local PSAP, but in a slightly different location, we would not have had coverage.

In that case, we would have had to send others in different directions along the trail until they would have had coverage. Watching TikTok is the furthest thing from my mind out in the woods.

Apple iPhone’s Satellite SOS has some saves, already.

Maybe Not

if Russia deploys it's anti satellite weapon:

Remember the

Star-Wars project Regan tried to get going?

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