Garmin DriveSmart 65 with Amazon Alexa


I have had my Garmin DriveSmart 65 with Amazon Alexa for over two years. I really haven't used the Garmin Voice-Activated Navigation feature much. However, yesterday I used it and I found Toppers & More, which I could not find the traditional, non-voice way. I assume it is simply using the same POI list that comes on City Navigator.

Anyway, for those here using Garmin Voice-Activated Navigation, how does it perform for you? (The, "Hey, Garmin." feature.)

In case people don't know,

In case people don't know, Garmin had two different DriveSmart 65 units available: one with Alexa and one without. Both have Voice-Activated Navigation however the Alexa variant also can search for locations, presumably through the Drive app. I have the version without Alexa, and have to mute or pause my stereo for my DS65 to recognize my voice. I don't use it much because of that, except when I want to stop navigating.

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Non Alexa DS 55

I have the non Alexa Drivesmart 55 and same as above, I have to mute the stereo to use the voice activation. But, I do use it and it actually works really well. Also use it with my BC 40.