Garmin Express Updater (???)


I happened to notice that in my Win10 Task Scheduler I have a defined task named GarminUpdaterTask. The description is "Keeps your Garmin Software up to date". It is set to run at 2:00 AM and the task properties are set as "Run task as soon as possible after a scheduled start is missed", and indeed the Task Scheduler indicates it ran about 7:30 AM this morning when I powered up my PC.

Does anyone know if this "task" will indeed update Garmin Express or if this is what runs and notifies the user of pending device updates when you open GE? I do see on occasion, at the GE screen, that devices have pending updates. The notification takes the form of a number at the specific device when GE is opened.

John from PA

It's been mentioned in the past.

There is discussion about that file entry in a past discussion:

Commented about having that file and another Garmin startup file disabled in the discussion on GE

In my experience with GE it appears the GarminUpdaterTask just checks if there is an update, then when you open GE you get the notification that there is an update. Don't ever recall, before disabling that entry in startup, Garmin Express auto updating itself without my intervention.

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Feel Free to Disable

Feel free to disable this task. I have. Upon running GE manually, it will check for updates and prompt you then.