Do I need to load POI files in my new Garmin 350?


I just got a Garmin 350 which seems to come with lots of information on stores,gas, etc.
Do I need to load custom POI files?
What are the pro's and con's?

Do I need an SD card in order to load POI files?

I read that If I don't do it correctly it will break my GPS?

Is there a tutorial on all this somewhere?

Love my Nuvi
W Brock


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to add to above

I am also a very new owner, approximately 4 hours and 35 min hehe just kidding. So from doing the reading I don't think you need specifically a SD card, you just need to make sure you have enough space on the Garmin to install or copy it over. It is sometimes easier to have the SD card with that specific information so that you dont overwrite what may already be on the device.

But as far as specifically how to do this I also am wondering, I am also wondering how good are the current points of interest listed and if adding some of these POI files will actually improve that much. I do like the Red light camera listings... smile


Nuvi 350 v5.0 NTNAv7

In my opinion the custume

In my opinion the custume POI are very usefull to put the new restaurants that are in you are, or best buys that are not included on the maps that you have. It's an easy way to update locations that you know exist but are not included on the map s/w. On the c3xxx series the costume POI go on the internal memory.