posting to keeping the windmill alive


HI, am posting this as my input for downloading the poi files for Red light cameras and speed cameras. When I click on keeping the windmill alive all I get is a small box with no place to input my comments. Am I doing something wrong? I have looked around where to post other than here with no luck. I have emailed support with no responses. Or am I just stupid???


When logged in and you click on the link:

do you then click on an Add New Comment, Reply, or Quote? Do one of those and add a comment and you should be working towards keeping your windmill alive, or in your case, to eventually get your windmill back.

I see that you're currently a General Maintainer but have lost your windmill. With the GM stars, you should be able to get the redlight and speed cameras but as you know, you do need to post to keep the GM status and eventually regain your windmill.

PS: I will say that you are NOT stupid. wink