Garmin Vehicles - Zumo XT


I somehow managed to delete the vehicles I had installed on my Zumo XT and I've been trying to find them again. I thought there were more vehicles installed as default than appeared after I reset my device.

Can anyone tell me what vehicles appear installed on their Zumo?

Any motorcycle srf files gratefully accepted.


Garmin Vehicles - Zumo XT

I have ten on my Garmin Zumo XT. I haven't added or deleted any that I recall. How many do you have on your Zumo XT now?


Hi Jim

I've got about twenty on there now but I think most of those were added from ones I found online trying to replace what I thought was missing.

On the Zumo I see among others a blue "cruiser / touring" bike and a red bike with black panniers. I could be wrong but I thought these bikes came in alternate colors? Do you have these on your device?

Garmin Vehicles - Zumo XT

Here is what I have:

Red Motorcycle With Saddlebags

Blue Garmin Arrow

Red Motorcycle With Cafe Racer Fairing

Blue Automobile

Blue Motorcycle

Blue Motorcycle (No Saddlebags Or Fairing)

Gold Garmin Arrow

Blue Smaller Automobile

Gold Garmin Arrow in Circle

Black Motorcycle


Thanks Jim

I guess I was confusing some the vehicle icons. I thought the blue touring type bike had other colors. Oh well...

I'd have tried tweaking the srf file myself but it appears Garmin has locked the ones which come of the Zumo so they can not be edited.

Thanks for your help.

Garmin Vehicles - Zumo XT

You are welcome. When I have received new Garmins in the past, I would typically delete things that I wouldn't use to make room in the memory. For example, I am pretty confident that I will NEVER learn Mandarin or any other Chinese languages for that matter. So the languages, other than English, get deleted, as well as other things that I will never use.

I haven't paid close enough attention to the vehicle icons lately, however. In the grand scheme of things they may take such a small amount of memory that I just left them alone!

Anything here of value?

10 pages, about 20 per page. See

John from PA