Costco and shopping carts (since we're on the subject lol)


I'm a Costco fanboy, so let's get that out of the way up front.

I think that overall, they don't gouge, they seem to be the place for tires and batteries, and as we learned in 2020, the place that doesn't take advantage, when items are on short supply.

Anyway, one downside, is there are always shopping carts everywhere. Seemingly more so, than any other chain store. Does anyone know why?

Once in a while for kicks I play investigative reports, and film people hoping to catch them not returning the cart to where it belongs, and more often than not, I end up with a video of someone returning the cart. So the offenders seem to be in the minority, yet, there are carts everywhere even blocking spaces. Why?

I had a moment similar to the VW commercial in 2017, not at Costco though.

I was talking to my dad on the bluetooth, and a cart was gathering speed headed towards my left (thank goodness it wasn't right or ugh) fender.

I jumped out of the car and was almost like a soccer goalie blocking the cart. That would have caused damage.

Because I like cars, I personally would never want to dent someone else's car. But perhaps this is why I notice the mess at Costco lol

Not Seen As A Problem At My Costco Stores

I, too, am a Costco member and I shop at a couple of stores in the metro Atlanta area. By and large, stray shopping carts have not been seen as a problem at the stores where I shop.

I don't know the answer but it might be worthwhile to bring up your concern with the store manager where you shop. You could use your filming to show as evidence to the store management.

Man do I love costco.

Man do I love costco. Especially for electronics. I don't abuse, but it's really helpful when the poor quality of electronics today can be easily managed by costco.

Our costco here in a suburb

Our costco here in a suburb of PRIL recently got new carts. I'm there about every week or other week so this caught my attention quickly. I asked one of the worker bees what was wrong with the old carts. He had no answer. Just said the home office decided to upgrade carts.