parking and the world keeps getting more modern


It's been father and son week so I took my son to a museum downtown and parked in a garage.

The app save me $10, parked for $8 instead of $18.

But interestingly, the app now has a button to open the gate hahahahahahaha


As we pulled up, a metal gate opened, allowing us in. That's in retrospect, anyone pulling up would trigger it. Like when you leave a car dealer (hope you don't go there more than 1x per year like me for the state inspection), the door opens.

Then inside, there is the typical arm. Well it didn't work when I pushed the button on my phone.

Logically I said wait a sec, there's a 2D barcode, doesn't this too open the gate? Yes, it did.

Parked, and left--I always like to take pics that show where we left the car.

When we came back, can't get in. And the place is sealed like Fort Knox. Do we run in if a car comes out and try to beat the gate coming down? Nah that's dangerous.

So there was a number to call for assistance with the intercom on the door. Of course, no answer! hahahahahahahaha

I mean I know it's not attended, and it goes somewhere else.

Start to look at the pics I took upon leaving, and I had one that said "PIN TO RE-ENTER LOBBY XYZA# PIN OR MONTHLY ACCESS CARD NEEDED TO RE-ENTER GARAGE LOBBY"

I honestly don't remember reading that, it just happens to be in a pic near the elevators.

What if I couldn't find that info in a pic? That's the downside on the mondern-ness if you will. Can't get back to the car. But, overall? To me that's a secure garage.

Hmmm, I don't have a "smartphone"

On average I get 1 or 2 texts a week on my dumbphone. I wonder how I would have handled that parking garage.

Then again, chalk it up to one more reason to NOT go to Center City.

John from PA


What I'm finding in our modern world is the "old way" or normality has to be accounted for.

Maybe a person didn't notice that they'll need a PIN to get back in. So maybe that should be on the app?

Again, from here forward I'll take notice. But that's never been a factor and why I didn't know yesterday. Luckily I took pics....

p.s. pretty sure if you don't have a phone, you simply drive to the arm, and use a credit card. Now if you don't have a credit card, not sure, because the garage is unmanned. What I don't like about not using an app would be the rates--how do I know what they truly are? And would it cost more?