public campgrounds: US and Canada; federal, state, county, city, military


Am back online and on the road after a long hiatus. Was checking your campground files to see what was new. Seems nothing in recent years and nothing that covers all public campgrounds. Am a little hesitant to post a link as the faqs seem to sort of frown on them. But this guy put together an incredible list and it just has to be shared. Found him in 2012 and have never seen anything close to what he's put together anywhere else. And over the years, he created an app for phone or laptop, a mobile app, and POI files, etc. The web page map is great and that data can also be downloaded. I have Garmin Basecamp on my laptop. I load all my POIs onto that and my Garmin and my truck system. All is free. If posting a link is a no-no, mea culpa and apologies.

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I too found his site many years ago, and it has been the basis of my Garmin RV public camping files. I believe that he stopped updating it a while back in favor of the dynamic input from the web app, but it's still one of the best resources imo.

He has posted here but not since 2012 sad
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