just when you thought there were no good deals


We did a trip to NYC last weekend, and even at the Holland Tunnel I felt we got hammered for $6 each time more than we should with the elimination of the car pool rate (3 or more occupants) at all crossings except the Lincoln.

On our way home we saw all these people waiting for a restaurant to open along Rt. 1 in Edison, NJ, so we stopped, got in line, and were in the first "batch" of people to be seated.

Now it reminded me of one of those restaurant makeover shows where people wait outside, then are let inside, and see what happens next.

A bit of disorganization, food to the wrong table (what would you do today, if your food went to another table, then they brought it to you from someone else's table? I think I would ask for a new order--sanitary reasons).

4 really good dishes, 3 of us, and the check comes and $38. It felt like 2017. Because do this in my neighborhood in 2022, that check is $70.

Sometimes, blasts from the past are nice. People were lined up the entire time we ate--supply < demand, raising prices is really in order imho. Make the line shorter, increase the revenue. Likely the 2017 pricing is causing the line.

The end. lol

Or, maybe!

It is just a good place to eat. We have one of those places close to where I live. You go there on Friday after 5:00 and chances are, you are going to be standing in line waiting for a table to open up. Their prices have gone up because of inflation but it’s a good place to eat. A mom and pop place with good food. (And great homemade pies. Coconut cream, wow.)

With God, all things are possible. ——State motto of the Great State of Ohio