gpx files (Harley Davidson Dealers)


I can't find the gpx files for Harley Davidson dealers. are they no longer available?


Nuvi 2460LMT.


Don't believe there are any GPX files now. We use the CSV format on our Nuvi's.

A quick review of the change history shows the original maintainer (dave817) passed in 2018. I believe dave817 did provide GPX files. The Harley file went to orphan for a while. Then a couple of others helped before mahoney took over maintenance. Manoney might have more history if it helps.

A big thanks to mahoney for picking up the Harley file maintenance. Use this file a lot during travels!

Converting CSV to GPX

Garmin POI Loader works with CSV or GPX files, so there's no need to convert if you're loading the file onto a Garmin GPS.

But if you want GPX format for some other reason, you can use an online conversion tool such as "GPS Visualizer" to create a GPX version.

Here are steps for GPS Visualizer:

  • Open the CSV file on your computer and add a header row to identify what's in each column (longitude, latitude, name, desc)
  • Open the GPS Visualizer web page at
  • Select "GPX" as the"Output format"
  • Next to File #1, click "Choose Files" and selected the CSV file from your computer
  • Click the "Convert" button (next to File #1)
  • Below "GPS Visualizer output", click on the Download data.gpx link (located right above the donate button)

The newly created GPX file will have a long name, such as 20220219071523-85247-data.gpx. Rename the file as you like.