THM Files


I just purchased a Kodak Camera to replace my old faithful Fujifilm. I noticed that now with the new camera for every JPG file I now have a THM file to match it on the SD card. My present process is just to sort the files by type and just delete the THM files before transferring from camera to computer. Per information research on the web. Some digital cameras use the THM extension to save small icons of the photographs that have been captured by the user's digital camera . Deleting the THM files I see no change in the photos.

Interested in first hand knowledge of a method to prevent them from showing up on the SD card from the start. My Fujifilm does not produce the THM file nor my Samsung phone and tablets. Sure it is built into the Camera software and may just have to live with it. Like stated I have done lots of research on the web about this and only looking for some personal knowledge on anything you may be doing different then deleting the files before transfer to the computer.

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The HTM file is the thumbnail image file. If you delete it, the next time you view a picture on the camera, it will recreate the file.

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