Mapsource Crashes When Creating a Route


Although Garmin discontinued support for Mapsource years ago, many here continue to use the program.

I still use Mapsource for quick file edits or simple viewing. I also prefer the track editing features over those in Basecamp.

A few months ago, Mapsource began crashing whenever I attempted to create multiple routes. The first point to point route works fine but the second or sometimes the third attempt causes a crash. After rebooting Mapsource, any routing attempt results in a crash.

Rebooting the computer starts the process all over again with the first and perhaps the second attempt succeeding. After that, it crashes.

I thought at first it was the old Win 7 desktop I was using but now it also happens on my new Win 10 laptop.

Anyone else experience this issue?

MS problem

Your problem may be that each program saves “cookies” and you must delete them before MS doesn't know that it crashed there. It may be called something other than cookies, but that’s my guess for your problem.

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Maybe something in the

Maybe something in the temp/cache folder is corrupted.

I mapped the cache folder (%appdata%GARMINMapSourceTileCache) to a folder on a ramdisk. It gets wiped when pc is rebooted. Occasionally I'd clear it out manually. Just make sure BC or MS is shutdown.

works here.

I use MS because I don't like BC and it works fine for routing. I have not cleared any files - ever.

BC does not exist on my PC, I delete it, if it gets installed with a new map update.

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