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While on a road trip from South Carolina to Colorado Springs I encountered a problem on several occasions of lost satellite signal on my nuvi 660. It happened twice in Route 24 from Colorado Springs and Limon Colorado. Both times I was on flat high plains and there was not a cloud in the sky. Another time it happened in Central Kansas on I-70 and again I was on high plains with no clouds in the sky. I was wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem. Both time I regained satellite signal in a short time.

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Keep an eye.......

I would keep an eye on this problem to see if it recurs or gets worse. Back in May my nuvi 660 showed the same problems and quickly deteriorated to "unable to acquire satellites" permanently. My unit was still under warranty and so Garmin sent me a working replacement unit which is still working fine, touch wood. Try this link, I've contributed my story to it and you'll find others who've encountered a similar problem. http://www.gpspassion.com/forumsen/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=86010


Great Garmin Service

I too encountered this situation and contacted Garmin Support by email. I got this response immediately.

Thank you for contacting Garmin International,

Have you tried aquiring reception outside of your car before? Have you
tried a master reset?

Master Reset instructions
Start with GPS off
Press in the upper left corner of touch screen with your index finger
and power the unit on while doing so.
It will prompt you to go into maintenence mode. Choose Yes.
Then choose the option of clear all user data.
After you have reset the unit take it outside in open sky view.
Flip open the antenna and go to the satellite page.
Let the unit sit for about 20 minutes.

If at that point in time the unit does not aquire I will set up an
immediate exchange for a new unit upon your reply.

Please reply back with all of your shipping and gps unit informaiton.

I did the master reset which did not change anything, but added an external antenna and got signal again. I responded back to the tech and will be getting a replacement unit. This is the great service that I have always had from Garmin. Just thought I would share some good news.

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I had the same problem...

I had the same problem...

Me too

My Nuvi 680 did the same thing...would not acquire a signal and so I took it back to Best Buy and they gave me a brand new one on the spot.......no waiting for Garmin to send one or repair one.......glad I went against everyone's advice on here as to whether to buy the extra warranty from Best Buy............Sure has paid off for me....Dave

Sent to Garmin

Lately my nuvi 650 has been losing satellite signal more and more frequently. Yesterday after a hard reset it would not pick up a signal at all. Today I was able to get a signal with only a couple of drops.

I called garmin today and they told me to return the unit and they would repair it. I have had it for only a couple of months so it is under warranty. I bought it through PC Nation and their policy is to contact garmin first.

I was wondering how many others have had this problem. When I first got it I had no problems and it has steadily been getting worse over the last month.

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