Can't get csv file to display address in zumo


I hope this question is in the right forum. I downloaded the sheetz.csv POI to pot into my zumo 550. Previously I found Harley dealers in gpx format which I downloaded and used first. Must say too that I do know how to load multipule custom POI into the Zumo. Thats not the problem. When I click on a HD dealer name it brings up the next screen with the dealers street address, city, state, zip, and phone number on seperate lines.
The Sheetz.csv file only lists the street address. No city, state, or phone number. I don't really care about the phone number but the city and state would be very useful. Anybody know what I should do to correct it.



You will have to modify the .csv file to include the information using a text editor.


infromation would be similar to "Identity,street and number, city, state"

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It has all the info in

It has all the info in seperate columns when I open it in Excell. It just doesn't display on the zumo screen. Lke I said before all it shows is the street address. No city or state.


shouldn't really be a big deal

Other than looking pretty.

The location is set by lat and long, your gps receiver will only list the 50 closest locations to your present location. If you are traveling and want to stop at a Sheetz you can select one and "GO" to it.

You can select one and "View Map" to see the location as well.

I personally like the poi's that include address, city and state, phone numbers are nice too.

As far as billpro215's original question, you can download the file from the web site, it has address/city/state info in that file.

Not sure why the city and state info were removed in the file posted here.

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