Wouldn't it be great... (POIs on business websites)


Hi Everyone,

Wouldn't it be great if companies and franchises, who have multiple locations in the US, started providing downloadable POI .csv's of their locations on their websites, for the growing multitude of GPS users. This seems, to me, to be not only good for business, but also a no-brainer.

Waddya think?



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It makes sense to me.

Make it easier for you customers/potential customers to find you.

Even if they simply listed physically verified coordinates that could be used to create a .csv file it would be a step in the right direction.

I agree...

... and I also think that this is something we'll see more of in the future.

I still think it's too early in the game, as GPS is still viewed by many (wrongly so) as a 'new' technology.

All it takes is a good idea (like this one) and a few people to get the ball rolling.

I believe that this site is just that... a huge 'push' on the ball.


Try the Sheetz site

They have both .csv and .ov2 formatted POI's listed for their store locations.


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the Sheetz site

Now Thats Slick i agree all the web sites should have there directions in gps format for all locations

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AAA should offer their Travel Guide

Why this has not happened yet, I don't know. Money?
I messed with a Magellan at Costco yesterday, with the AAA Travel Guide in it. Makes Fodors look pretty useless. If AAA offered this to members, or just sold it for a fair price, I am interested.

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Great idea

I guess most people who make the decisions for the large companies don't use GPS. They have their private drivers.... smile


I've noticed around here that a lot of companies are starting to give coordinates, both in media and print advertising. Also have seen a few bill boards with coordinates...COOL BEANS!

Truck Stops Have'm

Both Pilot Travel Centers and Flying J have either coordinates or csv files available for their locations.

Now if I could just find a listing for all motels with truck parking, I'd sleep better most nights.

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