McDonalds-Removing the locations within a Walmart


According to the McDonalds website, most of the locations inside a Walmart have been removed or are in process of removal. There are 628 locations presently in the file and according to the website around 150 will remain. To determine which ones to leave in the file, it will be necessary to look at each location individually. Too bad that they didn't decide to remove all of them.


Doesn't either Wal-mart or McDonald's have a list of sites you can compare to see which ones have / don't have McDonald's?

Aren't they being replaced with another franchise?

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McDonalds inside Walmarts

In the case of the McDonald's locator, each individual store listing shows in the address if it's within a Walmart. That is what I used when I compiled the present listing. The major problem is that when you search a city or a zipcode the maximum radius that one can use is 50 miles and this is further limited in the fact that only a maximum of 30 locations is displayed at a time.
I am presently looking at each location (all 628 from my present file) and comparing it to the McDonald's locator. At first I thought that all locations within a Walmart were being deleted and all that I had to do was to sort on column C, find each one that had WM and delete the entire batch. That is what I did to reach the figure of 628. However, the website stated that 150 locations would remain. They just didn't indicate which ones.
I don't know of any other method to use.

In order to update the McDonald's locations that have Playplaces, I am going to have to follow the same basic process and in this case, the present file indicates that this number is 3294.