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For some reason my poi-factory screen page only covers the middle of my computer screen. Every other shortcut app screen opens to fill the screen page. It's only poi-factory that won't fill the screen. Anyone know why? iF OTHER APPLICATIONS did the same and wouldn't open to cover the full screen, I would say its my aspect ratio or something but how can I make this site fill the entire screen, not just the center ?

Same on my 13" MacBook.

Same on my 13" MacBook.

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It's constrained by CSS to either a certain pixel width, or a percentage of screen pixel width.

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screen size

I have found that one can control the size of the display for the screen 2 ways. I am using a laptop running Windows 10 and by enabling Ease of Access, one can change the size of the screen display; however, I find it is too bothersome and not as convenient as the second choice following this. To turn on the magnification and change the magnification size, hold down the Windows logo key and hit the key with + and = sign on it. You can now change the magnification smaller or larger as desired. To turn the magnification function function off, hold down the Windows logo key and hit the ESC key.

I like this method: Hold down the CTRL key and hit the key with a + and = sign on it. Each time one does this, the magnification will increase. To reduce the screen size, hold down the CTRL key and hit the key with the underscore (_) and minus (-) sign on it. Each time one does this, the magnification will decrease. I also noticed that when I hit the CTRL key and the key with the + and = sign on it, a symbol shows up to the far right of the address bar just to the left of the star icon used for bookmarking. If I click on this pop-up icon that looks like a magnifying glass with a + sign in the center, a pop-up displays showing the percent of magnification, a + sign, a - sign, and a reset choice.

Hope this helps -- note also, that this "trick" works on other screens as well.

Kudos to all at POI Factory - a great site!


Yes that works. Still not full screen like it used to be last week, but now, larger. Probably something to do with all these window 10 updates. However it affected no other programs or websites but poi-factory... Strange.

Try the "zoom" setting

I have a Windows 10 laptop using Chrome as my browser. In the upper righthand corner are three vertical dots. Click on them and you'll see the zoom parameter. ONLY FOR POI-FACTORY do I have to set the size parameter to 125% for optimal screen size, all other web sites are good at 100%.
Instead of three vertical dots, the Edge browser has three horizontal dots but behaves the same: the Factory is set to 125% while all other sites are correct at 100%.


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To increase magnafication in Mozilla (Win 10)

All I have to do is hold the control key and roll the thumb wheel on the mouse. The magnification is shown in the address bar. The magnification number is only there if you are above or below 100%. You won't see the number at 100%. And my screen is fine for all sites including poi factory.

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