GPS problems in the making affecting all GPS's !!!


I thought I'd post this in the more open forum rather than Garmin.

My Yacht club just sent this information out about a possible change which may/will affect all GPS units.

Please read the article in BoatUS:

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Here's a lot more info

The Power of the Lobbyists!

Here we go again!

I hope it won't come down to an airline, marine or military disaster to make the FCC see the error of their ways.

At this point, it isn't clear how this frequency interference will affect accuracy of GPS equipment that also receives signals from GLONASS, GALILEO and BEIDOU satellites.

If approved, this will certainly not bode well for older receivers.

Adjacent frequency

The article makes less clear than it should that the issue at hand has to do with signal strength transmitted in frequencies near to, but not in, the GPS band.

So, in addition to concern about possibly excess signal "too close", a balanced view would ask whether GPS receivers have been cheating by improving their reception gain near the edges of the band by allowing more reception in the nearby out-of-band than they should.

They have.

That is part of the reason that your modern GPS receiver has an easier time receiving satellites than old ones.

It is also a reason why much of the fear-mongering on this subject is overstated. I think critical application receiver designs are more likely to have taken seriously their responsibility NOT to listen to adjacent signals than have our consumer models. Many of them also have much better antennas, so they can afford to do this.

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