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I have a challenging question about updating Gps. I updated my gps to the latest 2021 last week. When I updated it, it asked me if I wanted to install on computer as well, which I did, What Advantage do I have as for it being on my computer, My friend gps has also lifetime maps for free, which I update once a year, takes me whole hour via web, My question is , is there anyway I can use that update that I installed on my computer, rather than downloading it again, and just stick it on my freinds GPS since I already have it downloaded to my cpu anyways. Thanks so much for reading and hopefully someone knows the answere..

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Maps are locked

Maps are locked to the device serial number. The map on your computer is probably locked to your computer's serial so it can't be transferred.

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The 'map' you downloaded to your computer isn't a map, it's a collection of files that are used by Garmin's mapping program, BaseCamp or its predecessor MapSource, to display the map.

Also downloaded, even if you don't select the PC option, are files that Express uses to create the map and other files for your device. Any other device you connect to your PC can also use these files, and Express will install the necessary unlock files for that device, so there is a saving in download time etc for additional devices.

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Yes, you can use the map for 2 Garmins (or more)

I D/L the map for my 3597 first to both the Garmin & the PC using Garmin Express.

I then hook up the 660 and use MapInstall because the 660 has a 2Gb map size limit. MapInstall does not D/L another map. It only downloads the necessary license keys and then uses the map files already downloaded. I have also done the 660 first and it doesn't D/L the map again when using GE for the 3597.

There have been several users here that have used Garmin Express to D/L to and install it to several Garmins that way. The map is the same for all (as far as I know) - it's the license keys that are unique.

I don't think it takes that much more time to to copy the temp map files to a permanent directory, but the time saved to install the map to more than one Garmin is well worth it, since all you D/L is the unique license keys for each subsequent device.

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Need download, map file is

Need download, map file is not open for other GPS