Drury Inns - Pear Tree Inns


The Drury Inns and Pear Tree Inns POI file:
has been updated to the date of this posting, reflecting the following changes as seen on their website:

Two new Drury Inns have opened since the February 2020 update and been added to this September 2020 update, one in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota, and another in Cleveland Beachwood, Ohio.

One Drury Inn in St. Louis Westport, Missouri, and one Pear Tree Inn in Lafayette, Louisiana have closed and have been removed from this POI file. It is possible these closures are related to reduced tourism due to the virus and only temporary, as these two properties have not reopened under different brands, but they are not accepting guests or future reservations at this time. Of course if they reopen, they will reappear in a future edition of this POI file.

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