Battle Hymn of the Republic


For the many patriotic veterans here, I discovered a YouTube video that's spectacular. It's the Battle Hymn of the Republic with shots of battle scenes from various war movies. If you're a combat veteran it's probably more meaningful.

Or search YT for [NEW VERSION] Battle Hymn of the Republic

Put your headphones on and turn up the volume and enjoy.


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Great video

It makes you appreciate all of the men (and women) that have sacrificed so much to preserve the freedom that we enjoy today. I could say more about the situation that we are facing today but that would probably get me in trouble, so the only thing that I will say is that if we hadn’t had the service members of the past, we would be facing far different issues today. (I will let you contemplate on that for awhile.)

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I thought it was well done. I was interested to see how high a percentage of the clips were from "Gettysburg", which I have always thought was a well done film.

Of course that may have been intentional for a different reason - it may have been a tribute to the composition of "Battle Hymn of the Republic" during the Civil War.

- Tom -

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