ZUMO XT Trip Planning


Does anybody know what the limit is on trips on the Zumo XT? I know using my Drivesmart 65 it breaks up my trips if they exceed 30 way points. My understanding is this unit uses "explore" vs. basecamp. And the limits were 100 or so per trips. Does anybody know if future automotive products will also use Explore?

The limit is still 29 via

The limit is still 29 via points in a route and 125 shaping points between each via point, start and destination.

The XT does work with Basecamp via USB just like the previous Zumos. In addition though, the XT has wifi and bluetooth support and will also work with Explore (or many other online route planning apps) in conjunction with Garmin's Drive APP. Using the Drive app routes can be downloaded from a smartphone.

New England Riders BaseCamp Tutorial: http://www.newenglandriders.org/Learn_BaseCamp.htm