Unintentional drop-test and Garmin durability


I foolishly let a "Garmin DriveSmart™ 55 & Traffic" fall onto an epoxy garage floor from about four feet, thinking it was snapped into its ring mount (it's a bit easy to release the plastic spring clip if a finger hits it). My question is whether it suffered any long term damage if it seems to work fine.

It apparently first hit on the lower right corner. There's a minor scratch and lighter L-shaped area in that corner when it boots and the screen is still black. Once fully booted you can't see that flaw. All functions seem to work normally, including touchscreen accuracy in that corner. It also has a subtle screen scratch near the left corner, possibly caused by floor grit when it flipped face down.

Has anyone had long term reliability experience after dropping a similar unit? I just don't want it to conk out when I need it, and it wasn't cheap.