Zumo XT


I'm not a biker and have no need for one of these but it's sort of surprising that no one has one or at least asked about the new zūmo XT.
It's only mentioned once here and only because it was having a map update issue.

Garmin Zumo XT

It does look like a great GPS. My wife and I have ATVS, not motorcycles, but it does look pretty rugged. Hopefully the magnetic mount holds well enough.


Jim1348 wrote:

...Hopefully the magnetic mount holds well enough.

Yes, one would hope that. twisted

Zumo XT.

I completely missed that product announcement from Garmin on the new Zumo XT ... need to add it to the model release history FAQ. Thanks CraigW for posting this.

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What magnetic are you

What magnetic are you referring to? The XT does not have a magnetic mount.

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