Map updates


I bought City Navigator (North America 49 States) from Garmin to use on my frequent trips to Tennessee and Florida. I use them on my Garmin Drivesmart 65 with Alexa, which in itself, was not a cheap buy.
I asked Garmin about updates to this map and the frequency and was told they don't update these maps, you are expected to buy a new one. I asked if they were joking to which no one replied.
I think that's a bit unfair to be honest. I realise my Full Europe one on the unit gets updated so why not this one? The line that says they won't is buried deep on the website. Thanks Garmin UK.


That has been the case for a while now, sorry you've been caught out but it is what it is.

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I buy Europe maps

When I go to Europe and use my Nuvi I bought a SD card for Europe. It doesn't get updated but has always been ok to use in Europe.
I made the mistake of buying the file not on SD card the first time and when I bought a new Nuvi I found out I could not put that one on a new unit. After that, and from people on POI-Factory, I found out to always buy the SD card so I could use it in all units. They have never been able to be updated but doesn't seem to matter in Europe so far.

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Yep, I now have (from a

Yep, I now have (from a friend for free) a Canada SD map that he got in 2013. No updates to any SD maps from Garmin, so you get what you pay for and that's all!

I figured I might try it out if I have to go to Toranto again. But that's such a rare occasion that it will probably never get used.

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