Phildelphia installs 32 speed cameras on Roosevelt Blvd.


The installation of nearly three dozen speed cameras will begin in the coming days along Philadelphia's Roosevelt Boulevard, one of the city and state's most dangerous roadways, city and state officials said Monday.
A total of 32 cameras are being installed at eight intersections along the Boulevard, which is officially numbered U.S. 1. They are:
• Roosevelt Boulevard at Banks Way
• Roosevelt Boulevard at F Street
• Roosevelt Boulevard at Deveraux Street
• Roosevelt Boulevard at Harbison Avenue
• Roosevelt Boulevard at Strahle Street
• Roosevelt Boulevard at Grant Avenue
• Roosevelt Boulevard at Red Lion Road (near Whitten Street)
• Roosevelt Boulevard at Southampton Road (near Horning Street)
The speed camera enforcement zone represents a nearly 12 mile stretch of roadway that is dangerous for drivers and too often deadly for pedestrians.
Drivers who are recorded traveling 11 mph over the posted speed limit will be mailed a violation and slapped with a fine up to $150 per offense. Points will not be assessed to a violator's driving record. Police officers will review each potential violation before it is issued, officials said.
There will be signs posted warning drivers that they're entering a speed camera zone and cameras will cover all lanes. Once the cameras are fully operational, there will be a 60 day warning period where fines are not issued.
Transportation officials expect the first cameras to be up-and-running by the beginning of March. Similar, mobile versions of the cameras are being deployed at roadwork construction sites across Pennsylvania


"Drivers**" will not be cited, the registered owner of the vehicle will, that owner will have an opportunity to nix the ticket if they can prove they were not driving the vehicle at the time.

**It's against PA law to take photos of the front of the vehicle via RLC or speed cams.

FWIW I forwarded this info to Angela a few days ago who, with Jonathan, are in the process of incorporating the locations into the POI database.

. 2 Garmin DriveSmart 61 LMT-S, Nuvi 2689, 2 Nuvi 2460, Zumo 550, Zumo 450, Uniden R3 radar detector with GPS built in, includes RLC info. Uconnect 430N Garmin based, built into my Jeep. .